TouchControl Shared Devices & Device Requests

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NameDescriptionImport File
XMLParsingVarious examples of parsing XML strings.
LG-TVInfrared codes for 2017 OLED TVs; should work with other models, too.
Disc OppoIP control for you Oppo BluRay Player - tested with an 103 Darbee, should also work with other Opps.
Axis IP CamsThis shows in general how you can control most modern IP cams by Axis using http-request commands. IP-adress and authorization credentials should be set in the interface settings. For further questions feel free to send an an email: - -
XBMC_HTTPControl XBMC/Kodi using HTTP Request buttons.
  • Homematic
    1/15/2021 @ 4:12 PM  (GMT)
  • If anyone has buttons that control an LG smart TV directly via IP commands, that might be useful to a lot of people!
    9/26/2020 @ 8:38 PM  (GMT)